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Gen Y knows more than ever about your business. It is time to up your game and make your brand shine brighter

The new information-hungry generation seemingly have the world at their feet. Now, it’s up to you to give them enough insight to get them excited about your business.… Read More

In this increasingly small world, you’ve got to think local in hiring your global team

The advent of LinkedIn has changed global recruitment practices beyond all recognition. Now, your brand is more important than ever in attracting the best local talent. It’s time to use it.… Read More

The Instagram generation is making traditional employee engagement redundant

Old school staff surveys are a thing of the past as new communication tools open up employee engagement and response like never before.… Read More

How to shortlist the best job candidates from hundreds in 10 easy steps

The deadline’s gone and HR’s inbox is flooded with enthusiastic applicants all after the same position. So how do you narrow that scope a little, and select a mere few candidates who would be best for the job?… Read More

8 ingredients for an Oscar-worthy performance appraisal

It’s 6-months into your latest recruit’s employment and you’re planning to cook up a performance appraisal. But what elements do you need to make it a soup of good feelings, and what could make it sour? … Read More

10 ways to get the very best out of new employees

Got a new addition to the team? The quicker they can settle in, the quicker they can display their best colours.… Read More

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