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Building the Framework for Success

Your company is like a high-rise building. In order to sustain and support upward growth, it must be built on a solid framework and foundation… See the Infographic

Sage HR Online on the GCloud Digital Marketplace

The G-Cloud ‘Digital Marketplace’ has been created to make it easier for UK public sector bodies to find and buy cloud-based services.… Read More

Engaging with new employees when it counts

I recently read a few articles and blog posts about engaging with new employees and they all seemed to begin with the same theme… engage with new employees BEFORE their first day!… Read More

Talent management demystified

A white paper that explains the principles behind organisational talent management, its link to succession planning and the latest thinking in developing an effective strategy to embed it in any organisation… Read More

Has HR lost its credibility?

I was concerned to read that Jesus Vaga (former MD of Zara) felt that HR had lost its credibility… Read More

Be a brave recruiter

Be brave! Don’t gather a herd of applicants… Target the ones you need… Read More

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