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Make recruiting top talent the easiest thing you do all day.

  • ​Cast a wider net into the talent pool! Post vacancies directly to job boards, from your own customized portal, and even through social media.
  • All incoming CVs, attached documents, and data are automatically imported into the system, and presented in a clearly structured design that’s permanently available.
  • Useful assisting tools such as notes, appraisals, and links to social media back up your decision making.
  • Full-text search tool allows you to check personnel data as well as all documents and attachments.
  • Create a custom database of candidates—before posting new job offers, use our expert searching tool to cross reference applicants you’ve already screened.
  • Forward significant information concerning candidates to appropriate managers and departments.
  • Tailor-made workflows facilitate handling your job offers based on your company-specific needs and processes.
  • Fully documented and traceable steps and tasks.
  • Reference numbers and reports are available with just a click.
Performance Management

Performance Management

Bring the human back to human resource management.

  • ​Create custom appraisals tailored to your company’s specific requirements and goals.
  • Automatically document meetings and competencies.
  • View potentials and identify training needs within a clearly arranged display of goals, which includes a feedback function for managers and employees.
  • Unique employee dashboard allows employees to set goals, update status, and review their progress at all times.
  • Access built-in modular guidelines for online forms.
  • Generate workflows for different appointments and meetings.
  • Define individual rating scales and text blocks.
  • Generate automated emails for calendar management and reminders.
  • Comprehensive evaluations, charts, and reports allow for sorting and filing of appraisals based on various criteria to define next steps.
Competency Management

Competency Management

Give your workforce a plan for upward momentum.

  • Access a complete, built-in competency dictionary to help define your company’s continued growth by identifying skill gaps, recruiting the right people for the right roles, and addressing individual needs.
  • Analysis and reporting helps with workforce and succession planning.
  • Help identify training needs with a debit-credit matrix.
  • Generate workflows for development steps like planning, implementation, and monitoring.
  • Allow employees to see the required levels for other roles that they may be interested in, so that they can manage their own career progression.
People Management

People Management

Lead the way with a powerful HR core.

  • ​Get a clear view of up-to-date personnel information right at your fingertips.
  • All documents—like employee contracts, pictures, CV’s, certificates, or important correspondence—are safely stored in the system online and accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Provide a place for employees to update and enhance their personal profiles—history, skills, interests, education, and more—and share their professional successes with their managers.
  • Built-in, matching correspondence guidelines help you draw up employment contracts or acknowledgements, and generate and send emails directly from your software.
  • Integrated tasks, reminders, and notes allow you to keep track of your employees and candidates.
  • All important steps and correspondence are automatically documented, and you’re only a click away from accessing important information.
  • Optional payroll development tool gives you a clear view and full control over wages and salaries.
  • All evaluations are clearly structured with figures, data, and information presented in easy-to-read lists, tables and charts.

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