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How it works

Recruitment Performance Management Competency Management People Management Try Sage HR Online

Make recruiting top talent the easiest thing you do all day.

Recruit from anywhere

Post vacancies directly to job boards from your own customized website, and even through social media.

Make sure you hire the best

Candidates upload their CV into a secure environment where all application information is automatically imported into your database.

Keep in touch

All candidates receive an automated notification once they've uploaded their information.

Create a custom talent pool

Save and archive valuable potential candidate information in a customizable, searchable database.

Bring the human back to human resource management.

Create custom appraisals

Easily customize a guideline for appraisals, tailored to your company's specific goals and requirements.

Get everyone working together

Remind and invite managers and employees to join appraisal meetings, and fill in and comment on guidelines.

Keep accurate records

All meeting records and documents are automatically updated, saved, and stored for easy access in the system.



Get real-time status updates

Keep track of the appraisal process at all times—who's started, who's still working, and who's finished.

Focus on goals for growth

Employees and managers have a shared view of individual goals and progress—enabling them to focus on success all year long!

Give your workforce a plan for upward momentum.

Tap into your full potential

Make the most of your appraisals by using Competency Management to identify skill gaps and set training requirements.

Access complete competency

Upload or customize your own company-specific competency dictionary to ensure the right employees are in the right roles.

Enable career development

Give employees the insight they need to develop their skills and manage their own career progression.

Lead the way with a powerful HR core.

Be a resource for personnel

Get a clear view of the most up-to-date personnel information, safely stored in the system and accessible from anywhere.

Empower employee engagement

Provide a place for employees to update and enhance their personal profiles and share their professional successes with their managers.

Create contracts, and more

Draw up customized employment contracts or acknowledgements, and generate and send emails directly from the system.

Archive automatically

Integrated tasks, reminders, and notes allow you keep track of employees and candidates, and all steps and correspondence are automatically documented.

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