Sage has today announced the launch of Sage HR Online, an ‘out of the box’ talent management solution designed to help growing companies improve their recruitment process, employee development and performance management. The product will launch in the UK, Germany and Austria in February and will then be rolled out in France and Portugal in March.

Sage HR Online is a complete solution enabling employers to deliver best in class human relations, from attracting employee talent through to developing their skills and conducting performance reviews. It is aimed at mid-market companies across all industries that value, and wish to invest in, their employees. Sage HR Online is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) solution with implementation costs that are kept to a bare minimum. It is accessible any time from any device connected to the internet, meaning it can be used on the go without installation.

Strengthening employer brand and talent acquisition is crucial to organisations that want to improve their bottom line and competitive edge. Sage HR online allows employers to streamline the recruitment process with a single platform for job postings, complete with an automated candidate tracking system. Full integration with social media tools such as LinkedIn and Facebook allows employers to reach the widest talent pool possible.

Employee information is fully accessible, allowing the HR department, line managers and employees complete visibility into the performance process, from target and objective setting through to performance reviews. A personalised competency dictionary linked to the appraisal process easily identifies each employee’s skills and goals, helping employers invest in the workforce and improve the culture and efficiencies within the business.

“HR and talent management is at the very heart of any organisation, especially those looking to grow quickly,” said Christopher Catterfeld, Director Strategy & Communication and accountable for the European HR businesses at Sage Enterprise Market Europe. “Companies strengthen their core by investing in their employees. Nurturing talent from the very start helps businesses maximise their potential for growth. Talent management software empowers HR managers and allows for transparency between the employer and employee, ensuring high levels of engagement and success.”

The launch of HR Online further bolsters the suite of HR management solutions offered by Sage and reinforces the strength of the Sage ERP X3 platform for mid-market businesses. It also continues Sage’s commitment to cloud innovation, offering customers a broader choice of easy to use software solutions.

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