Sage today announces the launch of Competency Management, the newest feature set in Sage HR Online. Sage HR Online is an out of the box talent management solution designed to help growing companies improve their recruitment process, employee development, and performance management. Sage HR Online launched in January of 2015.

Competency management provides employers with a way to actively engage employees in the management and acquisition of skills through a comprehensive program. Rather than awaiting their bi-yearly appraisal, employees can now collaborate with employers to gain insight on the skills required of them for their current position or other positions, receive feedback from their supervisors about their current skill level, as well as actively manage the process of training for new skills. Conversely, by using competency management, employers can now conduct succession planning activities by identifying the skills future employees will need.

Until now, the marketplace has lacked an HR product with an objective description of skills that can easily be quantified. Developed with the guidance of highly skilled HR thought leaders, the competency management module in Sage HR Online contains a catalogue with 36 pre-defined competencies. The 36 pre-defined competencies precisely describe characteristics and are assigned a value on a scale from one to seven. The catalog represents basic descriptions and, if necessary, adjustments can easily be made by employers.

The pre-defined competencies take away the subjective nature of skills evaluation. These descriptions are especially helpful to quantify important but difficult to define skills, like “soft skills,” that are integral to professions like customer service. Armed with skill evaluations to assess their workforce, enterprises can take a more strategic approach to manage any resulting skills gap.

“Giving employers and employees tools to actively manage skills is the next step in workforce development,” said Christopher Catterfield, Director of Strategy and Corporate Development at Sage Mid Market Europe. “Gone are the days of waiting with baited breath for your evaluation twice a year. Having the ability to actively manage your skills is rewarding for both sides and an amazing engagement tool. An engaged workforce is an efficient and successful workforce, and that is what growing enterprises need most to compete.”

As a part of Sage HR Online, competency management is one part of a complete solution enabling employers to deliver best in class human relations, from attracting employee talent to developing their skills and conducting performance reviews. It is targeted to mid-market companies across all industries that value and wish to invest in their employees. Sage HR Online is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solution with no IT requirement, meaning the implementation costs are kept to a bare minimum. It is accessible any time from any device connected to the Internet, allowing it to be used on the go without installation.

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